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Applied Exomics Ltd was set up in 2012 to provide support for biotech and pharma companies in their drug and diagnostic target discovery. The company offers consultancy, advice, and technical R&D project support in the computational aspects of bioscience across the -omics disciplines.

There is a wealth of data residing in public data repositories which is growing every day - using that knowledge as a resource to drive and guide R&D programmes can accelerate development in small and large companies alike.

Bioinformatics and data integration offers a cost-effective route to increase understanding of the biological significance, context and potential of leads and targets, adding value to your technology base to support investment or funding opportunities and de-risk future development.


A bioinformatics company with a focus on biology. Research in our post-genomic world is not just about data analysis - it's about doing biology better.


Applied Exomics is always happy to discuss contract R&D, collaborative and academic research projects, and co-operative grant applications.


In this innovative space there shouldn't be a 'menu' of services. All proposals of work are bespoke and based on discussion of your project goals.