Specialists in data-driven biology

APEXOMIC is a discovery CRO providing expert data analytics for life science R&D.
Together we can build the knowledge-base of your business - supporting scientists with actionable research insights, and leaders with investment-ready data and science-led business decision-making.

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Data analytics

APEXOMIC can provide data analysis support, whether that is implementing analysis of your raw data or helping you to re-analyse, interpret or visualise the results of analyses that have been provided to you by other suppliers.

Together we can identify data gaps, and plan experiments that can get you the data you need. A wide range of data types can be handled on secure compute infrastructure, with analysis or pipelines built using anything from Excel to R, Knime, Cytoscape, Perl and Python.

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Knowledge expansion

APEXOMIC specialises in data mining from web-based sources and programmatic access to bioinformatic databases, and in producing data visualisations that assist your decision-making processes.

No matter what data you start with, whether lab-based assay results in Excel, the results of gene expression studies or target proteins from the literature – more layers of information can be added by retrieving and integrating biological data from public sources.


Biology in context

APEXOMIC works with you to ensure that interpretation of data is relevant to your biological question - a focus on biological context is critical to ensuring you identify the right targets, assay platforms, biomarkers, candidate molecules, and clinical populations.

This approach enables data-driven experimental design to directly inform next-step processes - whether moving from gene-level data to modelling protein interactions to explore in vitro, or using ‘omics data to select appropriate in vitro or in vivo models.


Asset development

APEXOMIC can carry out in silico rational design, protein engineering, molecular docking, dynamics simulation and visualisation of biomacromolecules for the development of small molecule and biotherapeutic candidates.

This includes particular expertise in the assessment of clinical safety and developability risk from host immunogenicity, protein aggregation, stability, proteolytic cleavage and post-translational modification.


Broad capability in bioinformatics

genomics & genetic variation • gene & protein expression • determining mechanism of action • biomolecular modelling & simulation • impact of variation on protein structure & function • immunology & oncology • networks & functional pathways • identifying biomarkers & targets • mining, modelling (AI/ML), integrating & visualising biological data

One-stop sequencing and analytics services

APEXOMIC has a formal collaboration agreement with Source BioScience, enabling clients to take advantage of an integrated end-to-end experiment solution, from DNA/RNA extraction, library preparation and sequencing, through to advanced bioinformatic analysis.

APEXOMIC & SourceBio collaboration

"Source BioScience offer genomics services to Global Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Life Science and Academic communities using the latest technologies.

This includes the Illumina NovaSeq 6000, NextSeq 500 and MiSeq systems as well as the Oxford Nanopore GridION long-read platform. Services include Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), DNA Sanger Sequencing, Bioinformatics, Molecular Genetics and Nucleic Acid Extractions, conducted in our ISO accredited laboratories in UK and Ireland."

Unique in-house knowledge platform

APEXOMIC has developed APEX.insight - a unique integrated knowledge platform used on client projects to explore connected biology, event-driven & network pharmacology opportunities for the development of biomarkers and drug targets.

APEX.insight platform

To discuss how the APEX.insight platform could be used to support your R&D projects, please get in touch.

Work with APEXOMIC

Since 2012, APEXOMIC has completed a diverse range of projects with international academic, pharma, biotech and FMCG clients. We can carry out a single one-off project, participate in longer strategic challenges, add extra capability or capacity to your in-house bioinformaticians, or act as an outsourced bioinformatics full solution provider.



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