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Specialists in supporting data-driven biology

Applied Exomics is a bioinformatics company that generates actionable research insights by studying the expression and variation of the exome and it's protein products - and applying this to explore contextual impact on phenotype, biological processes and disease.


Applied Exomics can provide data analysis support, whether that is implementing analysis of your raw data or helping you to interpret the results of analyses that have been provided to you by other suppliers.

Together we can identify data gaps, and plan experiments that can get you the data you need. A wide range of data types can be handled on secure compute infrastructure, with analysis or pipelines built using anything from Excel to R, Knime, Cytoscape, Perl and Python.



Applied Exomics specialises in data mining from web-based sources and programmatic access to bioinformatic databases, and in producing data visualisations that assist your decision-making processes.

No matter what data you start with, whether lab-based assay results in Excel, the results of gene expression studies or target proteins from the literature – more layers of information can be added by retrieving biological data from public sources.



Applied Exomics works with you to ensure that interpretation of data is relevant to your biological question - bioinformatics should always contribute towards a better understanding of biological context.

This focus enables data-driven experimental design to directly inform next-step processes - whether moving from gene-level data to modelling protein interactions to explore in vitro, or using ‘omics data to select appropriate in vitro or in vivo models.



Applied Exomics can carry out in silico rational design, engineering, simulation and visualisation of biomacromolecules for the development of small molecule and biotherapeutic candidates - including antigen selection for vaccine design.

This includes particular expertise in the assessment of developability risk from protein aggregation, post-translational modification, stability, proteolytic cleavage and host immunogenicity.


Broad capability in bioinformatics

gene & protein expression • determining mechanism of action • biomolecular modelling & simulation • impact of variation on protein structure & function • immunology & oncology • networks & functional pathways • identifying biomarkers & targets • searching, integrating & visualising biological data

Unique in-house knowledge platform

Applied Exomics has developed a unique integrated knowledge platform to explore the event-driven & network pharmacology opportunities for the development of biomarkers and potential drug targets, in the biological context of over 1200 different cell and tissue types.

AE analysis platform

To discuss how the AE analysis platform could be used to support your R&D projects, please get in touch.

We can work together on small, short projects or take a more strategic role in longer challenges. Building a relationship is important, flexibility is key and there is no "set menu" of services. If you would like to discuss working together, then:

please get in touch